Peer Reviewers


A rigorous, unprejudiced and efficient review process is the corner stone for a reputable conference. Papers submitted to IASED conferences will be evaluated by at least two peer reviewers. Detailed and constructive comments from reviewers often help authors remedy flaws of their work and improve the quality of papers. The final decision on whether a paper can be accepted, revised or rejected is made basically on the recommendations of reviewers. We are grateful to reviewers who invest their time to paper review and provide support as requested by the Organizing Committee.

Benefits for volunteer reviewers

As a peer reviewer, you will take the honorable mission of a guide and a gatekeeper for those who is striving for quality researches. When performing peer review, you:

  • Enjoy 20 percent rebate for submitting paper to IASED conference in the future.

  • Receive a personalized reviewer certificate.

  • Be acknowledged both on the conference website and in front matters of the conference proceedings.

  • Have an opportunity to be considered Best Reviewer Award.

How to review

Peer review should be performed ethically and responsively. If a reviewer could not take the review task for some reason, he / she should inform the editor in a timely manner.

Peer reviewers are expected to give notice to the editor when these situations occur:

  • The reviewer is not able to finish the peer review by the agreed deadline.

  • The reviewer finds the manuscript confusing or beyond their academic expertise.

  • The reviewer would like to involve someone else into the reviewing process.

  • The reviewer is not be sure if conflicts of interest exist. 

Reviewers will be asked to strictly evaluate the manuscript based on significant factors of 'originality, scientific soundness and significance, presentation quality and English level' and provide detailed and constructive review report to the editor.


Reviewers need to keep all peer review documents confidential, not to reveal any information about the papers to anyone unless preauthorized by the editor.

The contents, ideas of the papers cannot be used, referenced, or included in the works of the reviewers prior to publication. Until then, the information in the papers should be treated as confidentiality and must not be used for any personal purposes uncorrelated to the review process. 

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest is defined as a situation in which the reviewer can be viewed as being able to benefit personally from the outcome of a review, or in which the reviewer is not able to remain objective for personal reasons. If the conflict of interest exists, then the reviewer should decline to review the paper. The specific conflicts may be related to the following situations:

  • The reviewer is the author or co-author of the paper.

  • The reviewer works in the same institute/affiliation of one of the authors.

  • The reviewer is the supervisor, adviser of one of the authors.

  • The reviewer’s unpublished work is studying the same issue and used the same research approaches.

  • The reviewer recognizes the authors of the paper.

The assignments are trying to avoid most conflicts, but if you recognize that your reviewing will be related to the conflicts of rights, please turn down the paper and write back the refusing mail for the request.

Review report

Invited reviewers have the responsibility of giving unbiased and detailed comments on the manuscript covering an overall recommendation and specific comments. Reviewers are expected to summarize the general purpose and significance of the paper in the brief summary, and comment on all the sections that constitute the paper. The comments need to be specific to particular paragraphs or sentences. The review report with constructive advices aims at the overall improvement of paper quality and forming the basis for the editorial decision.

Contact us

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