About Us

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The International Academy of Science and Engineering for Development (IASED) is a scientific research and development organization, providing forums for members to exchange and develop new insights within the area.

Since the first day, IASED has been holding conferences featuring groundbreaking researches and inspiring newcomers, creating enormous networking opportunities for our attendees. 

Our Mission 

IASED is dedicated to providing a platform to support and advance the valuable researches in the field of engineering. With our reputable peer review and publication sources, we seek to help engineers and researchers to gain opportunities and inspirations. IASED offers individuals who aspire a career in engineering and applied sciences a venue to shine.

Our Vision  

In the next five years, IASED aim at holding more international academic conferences. Besides, we hope to spread the conference program to international academic visiting, tutorials, workshops and other forms of academic activities.

At the height of IASED's success, we wish to share resources with you all to foster more engineering talents and more scientific enterprises.