IASED Lifetime Achievement Award——Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest award of IASED to recognizes pioneering scientists and scholars who have significant, original, and sustained scientific contributions to the Science and Engineering field. Winners will be announced in December each year.


2022 IASED Lifetime Achievement Award is honored to present to Professor Joel Emer for his significant contribution to the Computer Architecture field.

Joel Emer is a Professor of the Practice in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department at MIT. He also spends part time as a Senior Distinguished Research Scientist at Nvidia in Westford, MA, where he is responsible for exploration of future architectures as well as modeling and analysis methodologies.

He has held various research and advanced development positions investigating processor micro-architecture and developing performance modeling and evaluation techniques. He has made architectural contributions to a number of VAX, Alpha and X86 processors and is recognized as one of the developers of the widely employed quantitative approach to processor performance evaluation. He has also been recognized for his contributions in the advancement of simultaneous multi-threading technology, analysis of the architectural impact of soft errors, memory dependence prediction, pipeline and cache organization, performance modeling methodologies and spatial architectures. His current research interests include memory hierarchy design, processor reliability, spatial architectures and performance modeling.

Emer holds over 25 patents and has published more than 40 papers. He is a Fellow of both the ACM and the IEEE and a member of the NAE, and was the 2009 recipient of the Eckert-Mauchly award for lifetime contributions in computer architecture.